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Child Safety: Heatstroke Awareness

One of the most preventable causes of injury and death to children is leaving them alone in a hot car. Of the many (too many…) cases we hear about recently, many are not deliberate and are deemed accidental. State laws vary on the legality of leaving children unattended in cars, but regardless – if caregivers being distracted is a primary cause, then a heightened state of awareness is absolutely critical at all times to prevent this terrible tragedy from occurring to our most precious cargo. Above all – for not only heatstroke prevention but for the overall safety of your child – do not leave children unattended, even for “just a minute.”

Pediatrician: It’s easier than you think to forget your baby in hot car

It’s certainly also important for everyone to have a greater awareness of this issue and to not hesitate to take action if one sees an unattended child in a car. Here’s some information on heatstroke, including advice on what to do if you are a bystander: Leaving Kids Alone in Hot Cars: Know the Risks and Consequences



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