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VIDEO: Citizens Police Academy and VIP Tier II Graduation Nov. 16, 2016

Video published by Speedway Cable of the recent graduation of the Speedway Police Department’s 7th Citizens Academy Class and 2nd Tier 2 Volunteers in Policing Class.

Graduation Held for Speedway Police Citizens Academy and Volunteers in Policing

On November 16, 2016, the Speedway Police Department held a graduation ceremony for its 7th Citizens Academy class, and the 2nd class of its Tier 2 Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program.

Both programs are part of the Speedway Police Department’s ongoing community policing efforts, in which the department encourages Speedway residents and business owners to learn more about their operations and the challenges faced by officers as they do their jobs. That increased knowledge helps residents to better understand situations officers encounter, how they handle them, as well as the tools and resources available, which in turn, helps improve community-police relationships.

The graduation ceremony opened with the Presentation of Colors by the Speedway Police Department Honor Guard and National Anthem played on the trumpet by Speedway High School student Zach Merrill.

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Speedway Police Department Chaplain Holly Hardsaw gave the invocation.
7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Lt. Trent Theobald, Police Coordinator of the Citizens Academy offered his opening remarks, thanking the students for their interest in the program and welcoming them to the Speedway Police Department family. He stressed that this experience was only the beginning, not the end – as the department offers many ways for them to volunteer to serve the department and the community.

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Speedway Police Chief Jim Campbell gave his address to the students, reinforcing the concept of the community and police working together. The Citizens Academy program is an excellent way to build that partnership – it is the foundation for a continuing relationship between graduates and the department as they can continue on to the Speedway Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association and Volunteers in Policing programs, which work to serve the residents of Speedway.
7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

The Citizens Academy graduates were recognized and presented with their certificates by Program Coordinator Sarah Edie and Chief Campbell.

Next, Reserve Lt. Joe Killion, the Program Coordinator for the Volunteers in Policing program, gave his remarks regarding the Tier 2 program, noting that the Tier 2 graduates are examples of a continued level of volunteer service that Citizens Academy students can pursue. He thanked the graduates for their commitment and sacrifice as well their families for supporting them in their community service.

The seven Tier 2 graduates will join seven Tier 2 VIPs who graduated in last year’s inaugural class. Tier 2 VIPs provide necessary staffing to the department by assisting with security, traffic direction and control at various community events, park monitoring and patrol, and other duties as needed.

Lt. Sam Alexander, VIP Program Supervisor, joined Lt. Killion for the recognition and presentation of certificates for the Tier 2 graduates by Chief Jim Campbell. Also on stage to congratulate the students were Assistant Chief Charles Upchurch and Captain Jason Dierdorff.

Closing remarks and benediction were given by Lt. Theobald and Chaplain Hardsaw, respectively and a reception followed in the cafeteria.

We would like to congratulate and welcome all of the students of the 7th Speedway Police Citizens Academy and Tier 2 of the Volunteers in Policing program! The Speedway Police Department and the residents of Speedway continue to build upon positive relationships and we encourage every resident and business owner to consider joining a future class. See www.SpeedwayCommunityPolicing.com/speedway-police-citizens-academy/ for details on how you can apply for next year’s class.

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Above: The 7th Speedway Police Citizens Academy Class

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Above: The 2nd Tier 2 Volunteers in Policing Class

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Speedway Police to Participate in Trunk or Treat

The Speedway Police Department, along with members of the Speedway Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association and Volunteers in Policing, will again participate in the Speedway Chamber event, Trunk or Treat.

It’s a fun and increasingly popular event in our town and SPD is happy to join other members of the community in handing out candy and talking to the kids. Hope to see you there!


Speedway PD Citizens Academy, A Student’s View: Chaplain & Marion County Prosecutor

By Pauletta Dusterberg, Student in the 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

Wow, can’t believe this is my last blog on the Speedway Police Citizens Academy.  This was our last class, but not the end of my adventure.  My adventure is just beginning, I have become part of the Speedway Police Citizens Academy Alumni and hoping that I will be accepted in the V.I.P. Program (Volunteers in Policing).  If you haven’t gotten excited to be part of the Citizens Academy, then you haven’t read my blog close enough.  Please check them out here: Speedway Police Citizens Academy and Speedway Volunteers in Policing (V.I.P.)

Rick Kassel, SPD ChaplainThis week’s class was Chaplains and the Marion County Prosecutors Office.  Chaplain Rick Kassel presented a slide show and talk about the Chaplain Division.  Speedway is lucky to have 5 Chaplains to call upon.  Chaplains are not there to preach or convert, they are there to offer assistance and spiritual guidance in times of need.  They are called to assist at many calls that involve death or serious injury, to be there to comfort and assist family members, officers and victims.  The Chaplains are there not only for the public but for the officers and their families, they are part of the Police family, and are there for them for any guidance they may need.  They also represent the SPD at community events as requested.  They are on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

Many thanks to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office for the discussion on the Community Prosecution Division.  It was very interesting to learn about the Marion County Criminal Court system and criminal case process.  We learned about the collaboration between the Marion County Prosecutor’s office,Sharon Ely, MCPO criminal justice partners and the community to create safer neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life.  There is a prosecutor located in each police district, who along with their regular duties with the court, also attend meetings and develop partnerships with neighborhood associations, businesses, and agencies.  They promote and conduct crime prevention programs and initiatives.  I learned that there are several crime prevention and education programs, such as Project Cybersafe -Educating students about cyberbullying, online threats and making them responsible with social networking and the legal consequences; EKG – Educating Kids about Gun Violence, Crime and Fraud Prevention.  We were given some very detailed information on the process that goes on before a case goes to court or jury trial.  We learned about the different types of probation and programs available in lieu of a jail sentence.  There is a lot of time and research that goes into being a prosecutor and I have a lot of respect for the office and what they must go through to make sure everyone gets fair treatment.

ON TO GRADUATION!  Congratulations to the 2015 class of the Speedway Police Citizens Academy!

Speedway PD Citizens Academy, A Student’s View: Criminal Investigations

By Pauletta Dusterberg, Student in the 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

Week 9 was classroom discussions.  Sgt. Jim Thiele and Detective Kyle Hodges talked with the class about the Speedway Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, which has detectives who along with other positions they may hold with the department. They are:  Lt. Dan Eacret, Sgt. Jim Thiele, Detective Chris Ristuccia, Detective Kyle Hodges, Detective Lauren Roemke, and Detective Brad Weaver. Detectives take turns being “on call.” One investigator or another is on call at all times of the day or night to respond to major felony calls or other calls requiring a detective.

What is an Investigator?  An investigator is someone who gathers, documents, and evaluates evidence. The investigative process has the following objectives: to establish that a crime was actually committed, identify and apprehend the suspect(s), recover stolen property and/or assist in prosecution of the person(s) charged with the crime.

They discussed the many tools and tactics that an investigator must use in doing their job. Some of the types of investigations they are involved in are, theft, financial crimes, burglary, robbery, and death investigations.  Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations Detective Hodges talked about the initial response to the crime scene and receiving initial information, safety procedures, emergency care evaluation, securing and controlling a scene, conduct a scene investigation and process the scene. Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations

Week 10 was split in 2 separate sections: Criminal Investigation and Fingerprinting.  ­­The criminal investigation session was handled by Detective Chris Ristuccia and Detective Brad Weaver, who created a mock crime scene.  We had 2 “officers” who were called to a possible robbery.  After the officers arrived and spoke with the victim and witnesses, they called the investigators to the scene.  When the “investigators” arrived, we spoke with the patrol officers, made initial observations, assessed the need for medical care, and secured the scene.  We searched the area for any evidence; photographed, bagged, and documented the evidence found.  Wow, what a cool criminal investigation, and as always Detective Chris Ristuccia kept us in stitches with his humor.  Not only is he great at his job, he is a very fun and informative guy.

Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations

The next session we did fingerprinting in the cafeteria.  Sergeant Thiele and Detective Hodges explained different ways of processing fingerprints and how different types of materials effect the prints.  They gave anyone who wanted, a chance to roll their own fingerprints.  Then we each selected items and tried to lift prints.  It’s not as easy as you may think.

Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations

Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations

Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations

Speedway Police Citizens Academy - Criminal Investigations

It’s hard to believe that this coming week will be the last class before graduation.  We are all a little sad to see it end.  The class has been one of the most exciting and knowledgeable classes I have been involved in.  I look forward to moving forward with the Speedway Police Department in the V.I.P. (Volunteers in Policing) program.

I want to give a big thank you to Chief Campbell, the staff, and all the Officers who were part of our classes.  I not only have a huge respect for our Police Department but I’d like to think I made some amazing friends along the way.

Again, I suggest every citizen of Speedway sign up for the Speedway Police Citizens Academy class.

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Inaugural Tier 2 Class Graduates from Speedway Volunteers in Policing (V.I.P.) Program


The Speedway Police Department has established a Volunteers in Policing (V.I.P.) program, consisting of a tiered system of volunteer duties and responsibilities, increasing as volunteers choose to progress through the program.

The V.I.P. Program is a nationally-recognized program of volunteerism sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The Speedway Police Department will model its program based on the philosophy and policies of the successful IACP programs already established in departments across the United States. With the strong ties to the community of Speedway that already exists, the Speedway Police Department is confident this too will be a successful venture in strengthening the police-community partnership.

The first class of nine Tier 2 volunteers graduated on Thursday, August 6, 2015, with a ceremony at Speedway Town Hall. Police Chief Jim Campbell spoke about the importance of the department’s community policing programs, including Neighborhood Watch, the Citizens Academy, and the newest program, Volunteers in Policing (V.I.P.). These programs strengthen the community through building positive relationships between residents and police, working together to solve community concerns and problems. Chief Campbell expressed his and the department’s appreciation to the volunteers (and their families) for their time and dedication to the department and the Town of Speedway.

Capt. Jason Dierdorff handed out diplomas and Lt. Sam Alexander and Sgt. Joe Killion (supervisors of the V.I.P. program) along with Chief Campbell and Assistant Chief Upchurch, congratulated each graduate on their completion of the program.

V.I.P.s will begin to assist SPD at various events around town very soon. For more information on the Speedway Volunteers in Policing program, click the link.

Graduation Photos (more to be added)


Speedway Volunteers in Policing - Tier 2 Graduation

Speedway Volunteers in Policing - Tier 2 Graduation







Speedway V.I.P. Tier 2 GraduationL to R: SPD Reserve Sgt. Joseph Killion; VIP Tier 2 Graduates: Dennis Elmore, Dana Taylor, Mike Uhrick, Becky Kilgore, Rosa Jones, Jennifer Bremer, Jayme Gehringer, Emmanuel Merchiers, Chris Pope; SPD Lt. Sam Alexander

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