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Speedway Citizens Academy: Firearms / Building Tour / K9

By Pauletta Dusterberg, Student in the 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

Week 7 was all about classroom preparation for Week 8 at the shooting range. Week 8 was a 3 part night. We got to take a tour of the Speedway Police Department, Meet and Greet Officer Mat Turpin and K9 Tom and hands on shooting in the downstairs shooting range. Special thanks to Jennifer Bremer for taking photos and videos of us and keeping us in line between events.

2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

Shooting and training- Thank you to Lieutenant Dan Eacret, Officer Chuck Ezell and Sergeant Rodney Ferguson for your patience and instruction. They taught us the proper stance, hand position and sighting, then it was on to ear and eye protection. Each student was given the opportunity to shoot 10 rounds from a Glock 22. We each had the opportunity to keep our target. Mine wasn’t as bad as it could have been considering I have never shot at an actual target before. 3 rounds were inside the 9 ring, 5 inside the 8 ring, one in the 7 ring and the other just outside the 7. I think I took out his bellybutton with that one.   It was a blast, other than Chuck had to keep reminding me to move my thumb unless I wanted the slide to take it off. Thanks Chuck, I would have to shake hands with a limp if it weren’t for you. After we shot the handgun we each had the chance to shoot an AR-15 automatic rifle. Wow, how cool was that. When you have it in semi auto you pull off 1 round at a time, then with a click of the switch you are in full automatic. Pull the trigger and it will empty a whole magazine in no time. So after a couple single shots, we moved to full automatic to show us that after several shots you start to waver in where the shots land.   This shows that you really don’t need a full automatic rifle that you would actually be more accurate to just keep pulling the trigger. But……….I gotta say, it sure is fun to listen to.

2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

Last week we learned about the amount of training officers and instructors have to go through. It was very interesting to learn the training that goes into being a well-armed officer. It was so cool to hear about the different types of courses they have to participate in to get their grading. They do static (targets, no moving) and dynamic (tracking, moving targets) courses. The higher you grade the higher you rank. There are marksman, sharpshooter, or expert rankings.

They talked about the handguns, shotguns and rifles that they use or have used in the past and the history of these guns. We also learned about the different types of ammo and targets that are used. When they use the indoor range, they use a frangible lead-free ammo. We were taught that the SPD indoor range was built in 1972 and then updated in 2006. It was really cool to see what they use as a background, the ceiling design and the fan and air filtering system. They told us about other ranges that they use outside of Speedway.

Building Tour- Thank you to Sarah Edie for showing us around the station. We saw the different offices, locked records area, interview rooms, squad room, holding areas, and storage areas. It was really nice to see dispatch and how hard these folks work. The amount of multi-tasking they are required to do is amazing. Thank you to the 2 ladies working that night. Hope we didn’t disrupt your work too bad. Thanks Sarah for showing us around, SQUIRREL, sorry I got distracted for a minute. Okay on to Officer Turpin and Tom.

2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens AcademyK9- K9 wasn’t my most favorite of the night (I still have a rush thinking about shooting) but those of you who know me, know how much I love dogs. I watch Cops just to see the dogs, and Dave laughs because I keep yelling at the TV to send in the dog!!!! Tom is a beautiful Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd. He came from The Czech Republic, so trying to talk to him with his accent wasn’t easy. Officer Mat Turpin is a hoot, he has a great sense of humor.   He talked about all the different skills that Tom has. He showed us Tom’s vest and told the story of how they got picked to receive one. What people don’t realize is that all of Tom’s needs and equipment is purchased with DONATIONS. Everyone should step up and donate to his care and safety. Officer Mat and Tom do a lot for this town and I don’t think people realize that. He can do everything from hunting drugs, taking down bad guys, and can even help locate if the need arises. They may work a set shift, but believe me if they are needed outside that shift, they would be there. We got to see a demonstration of his hunting down a bad guy and doing a bite. But after that we got to visit with a dog, not an officer. He is such a sweet guy, he LOVES his ball and wanted to make sure we saw it. He went from person to person for lots of love. Then it was back to the car and back to work mode. Thank you Officer Mat, Tom and Officer Ryan Hockemeyer who volunteered to be the bad guy. 2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

2015 - 6th Speedway Police Citizens Academy

In finishing this week’s blog I’d like to say, sign up for the next class, you won’t regret it. Every citizen in this town should take this class, you will come away with a whole new respect for the awesome men and women of our police force. I’m not just talking about the officers, I’m talking office staff, dispatchers and officers. I feel like not only am I learning a lot, I am also gaining friends. Next, please consider making a donation to Officer Tom’s care and safety.


For more videos, check out our You Tube channel.

Photo Slideshow

Below is a slideshow of class photos. If you are on an iOS device and cannot view the slideshow, click here.

Update from SPD Regarding Recent Pursuits

Update from the Speedway Police Department regarding two recent, separate pursuits:

  • Tuesday, 9/1/2015: In response to various discussion on social media regarding police presence near Whitcomb Ave at 18th Street and Speedway Drive in the evening, the following is a response from Capt. Jason Dierdorff: “They were shoplifters from Kohl’s and a short pursuit ended in the neighborhood. Apprehension was made on the female.”
  • Wednesday, 9/2/15: At approximately 2:30 P.M., Speedway Police attempted to stop a motorist for a traffic infraction. The driver immediately attempted to flee by vehicle and then he and a passenger both fled on foot from the 1700 block of Christopher Lane. Speedway K9 Officer Tom tracked the two individuals into a backyard at 1724 Norfolk and they were both taken into custody without further incident.

Speedway Police Department Update: CVS Robbery

On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, in late afternoon, there was a robbery at the Speedway CVS. The Speedway Police Department conducted a search of the area, resulting in apprehension of the suspect by Speedway K9 Officer in that area.

2014 Speedway Police Citizens Academy Update: Classes 2 & 3

On February 12th, after the 2nd class was cancelled due to a snowstorm, Citizens Academy students were back in the classroom. The first presentation of the evening was the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, ranging from building a case, evidence, criminal law, and all aspects of trial procedures.

The next portion of the class was on DUI, which students learned is properly referred to as OVWI, or Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated. Speedway Police Officer Mike Clupper explained various aspects of his duties with Citizens Academy students, ranging from identifying behaviors, physical signs of intoxication, as well as law and prosecution.

Speedway Police Citizens Academy ClassOfficer Mike Clupper

Last but not least, Officer Mat Turpin, who is also Speedway Police Department’s K-9 handler, shared with students what to expect during their upcoming ride alongs. Each Citizens Academy student will have the opportunity to have a 4 hour ride along with a Speedway Police Officer, and can choose day, middle, or late shift. He discussed the police officer’s “office”, aka their patrol car, expected behavior of the students, what they could possibly expect, etc.

Speedway Police Citizens Academy

Officer Mat Turpin

This week’s Citizens Academy class was Firearms I, and was taught by Lt. Dan Eacret, Sgt. Rod Ferguson, and Officer Chuck Ezell. They presented students with a history of the firearms that have been used by the Speedway Police Department, and displayed a sampling of the current firearms used by officers today. They explained about the history and mechanics of each firearm, as well as which scenarios each firearm might be utilized. They also explained to students the training process officers must take at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), as well as the various classifications of achievement, whether qualifying (80%), marksman (85%), sharpshooter (90%), or expert (95%). They also explained about the training they receive to become firearms instructors.

Speedway Police Department Citizens AcademyLt. Dan Eacret

Speedway Police Department Citizens AcademyOfficer Chuck Ezell

Speedway Police Department Citizens AcademySgt. Rod Ferguson

Citizens Academy students also learned about the continuing firearms training that Speedway Police officers receive, including various scenarios, locations, lighting conditions, and moving targets, etc.

Next week, students who choose to do so, will have an opportunity to use the various firearms at the Speedway Police Department’s firing range. We hope you continue to follow along with the progress of the class!

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