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Speedway Police Department Graduates 8th Citizens Academy Class

The Speedway Police Department recently graduated its 8th Citizens Academy class. Chief Campbell thanked all of the graduates for their enthusiasm, welcoming them to future volunteer service to the community and the department.

As in previous classes, the students spent 11 weeks learning all about the Speedway Police Department in a wide variety of classes, ranging from the history of policing and the Speedway Police Department, to K-9, crime scene investigations, chaplains, prosecutor and more. The students also had a variety of hands on experiences, including fingerprint dusting, firearms, and even driving a police car!

Photos and video from their classes will be posted over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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8th Speedway Police Citizens Academy


VIDEO: Citizens Police Academy and VIP Tier II Graduation Nov. 16, 2016

Video published by Speedway Cable of the recent graduation of the Speedway Police Department’s 7th Citizens Academy Class and 2nd Tier 2 Volunteers in Policing Class.

Graduation Held for Speedway Police Citizens Academy and Volunteers in Policing

On November 16, 2016, the Speedway Police Department held a graduation ceremony for its 7th Citizens Academy class, and the 2nd class of its Tier 2 Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program.

Both programs are part of the Speedway Police Department’s ongoing community policing efforts, in which the department encourages Speedway residents and business owners to learn more about their operations and the challenges faced by officers as they do their jobs. That increased knowledge helps residents to better understand situations officers encounter, how they handle them, as well as the tools and resources available, which in turn, helps improve community-police relationships.

The graduation ceremony opened with the Presentation of Colors by the Speedway Police Department Honor Guard and National Anthem played on the trumpet by Speedway High School student Zach Merrill.

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Speedway Police Department Chaplain Holly Hardsaw gave the invocation.
7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Lt. Trent Theobald, Police Coordinator of the Citizens Academy offered his opening remarks, thanking the students for their interest in the program and welcoming them to the Speedway Police Department family. He stressed that this experience was only the beginning, not the end – as the department offers many ways for them to volunteer to serve the department and the community.

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Speedway Police Chief Jim Campbell gave his address to the students, reinforcing the concept of the community and police working together. The Citizens Academy program is an excellent way to build that partnership – it is the foundation for a continuing relationship between graduates and the department as they can continue on to the Speedway Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association and Volunteers in Policing programs, which work to serve the residents of Speedway.
7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

The Citizens Academy graduates were recognized and presented with their certificates by Program Coordinator Sarah Edie and Chief Campbell.

Next, Reserve Lt. Joe Killion, the Program Coordinator for the Volunteers in Policing program, gave his remarks regarding the Tier 2 program, noting that the Tier 2 graduates are examples of a continued level of volunteer service that Citizens Academy students can pursue. He thanked the graduates for their commitment and sacrifice as well their families for supporting them in their community service.

The seven Tier 2 graduates will join seven Tier 2 VIPs who graduated in last year’s inaugural class. Tier 2 VIPs provide necessary staffing to the department by assisting with security, traffic direction and control at various community events, park monitoring and patrol, and other duties as needed.

Lt. Sam Alexander, VIP Program Supervisor, joined Lt. Killion for the recognition and presentation of certificates for the Tier 2 graduates by Chief Jim Campbell. Also on stage to congratulate the students were Assistant Chief Charles Upchurch and Captain Jason Dierdorff.

Closing remarks and benediction were given by Lt. Theobald and Chaplain Hardsaw, respectively and a reception followed in the cafeteria.

We would like to congratulate and welcome all of the students of the 7th Speedway Police Citizens Academy and Tier 2 of the Volunteers in Policing program! The Speedway Police Department and the residents of Speedway continue to build upon positive relationships and we encourage every resident and business owner to consider joining a future class. See www.SpeedwayCommunityPolicing.com/speedway-police-citizens-academy/ for details on how you can apply for next year’s class.

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Above: The 7th Speedway Police Citizens Academy Class

7th Citizens Academy & 2nd VIP Tier 2 Graduation

Above: The 2nd Tier 2 Volunteers in Policing Class

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Speedway Citizens Academy Graduation to be Broadcast on Speedway Cable

The graduation ceremony for the 5th Speedway Police Citizens Academy class will be broadcast on Speedway Cable TV at 11:30 AM and 8:00 PM each day from Wednesday, April 23rd – Tuesday April 29th.

Speedway Police Citizens Academy – 2014 Graduation

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at Speedway High School, the Speedway Police Department held a graduation ceremony for its 5th Citizens Academy class.

The mission of Citizens Academy is to produce better informed citizens with a deeper understanding of the Speedway Police Department and the role law enforcement plays in the community. The class is an exciting and informative look at the Speedway Police Department. Speedway Police Department officers and staff teach classes on a variety of topics over 12 weeks, commencing with a graduation ceremony.

The newest graduates are now members of the Speedway Police Citizens Academy Alumni association, an active group which provides many opportunities to partner with and assist the Speedway Police Department with their community policing goals, including attendance at civic events, providing support of the Neighborhood Watch program, as well as continuing education classes and other interaction with SPD and the Speedway community.


Presentation of Colors/Pledge of Allegiance

Speedway Police Department Honor Guard


Richard Kassel, SPD Chaplain

Opening Remarks

Lieutenant Trent Theobald

Chief’s Address

Chief James Campbell

Recognition Presentation

Capt. Jason Dierdorff

Presentation of Awards

Departmental Staff


Richard Kassel, SPD Chaplain

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