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Speedway Coyote Sightings Map

Speedway residents have been discussing sightings of coyotes on social media. This is actually not new, reports have been going on for many years.

We have compiled a map of the locations where residents have indicated they have seen coyotes at various times. PLEASE NOTE: This map only represents locations where coyotes have been seen over time, and does not reflect any specific number of coyotes.

If you wish to add a location where you have seen a coyote, please leave a comment below.

Here is information from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on dealing with nuisance coyotes in populated areas.

The links contained are for informational purposes only and are not an endorsement to take any action regarding coyotes and should not be construed as such.

The Indiana DNR’s advice on trapping and shooting is general only. If you choose to deal with coyotes on your property, do so responsibly; know all applicable state laws and local ordinances BEFORE taking any action.

Questions? Contact the Indiana DNR at the “Nuisance Wildlife” link above.

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